About Us

J capital opens the way to "J Generation", made of innovative companies that access to credit through new forms of funding such as private bond or loan one to one: Who will get the funding knows its lenders etc. or crowdfunding or inet cash raising.

The J generation creates develops and manages new ideas and innovative investments, in any form. The J generation knows that profit and 'proportional to the social value created. A new d 'business generation is born with J Capital. In particular, the Strategic Plan provides mentioned that the "mission" of society is implemented through investments in companies with high technological level of innovation with research and development projects in progress and / or completed with awards of supranational entities, resulting in monitoring same investments with teams specialized in Management Control.

The focus will be on the areas of Advanced Digital Services, Green Economy; Energy; ICT; Nanotech.



The novelty of J Capital is in the business model: active and proactive than investment, the selected companies are followed, assessed and monitored ex ante, work in progress from the inside, and then being way out of the investment; the tools and support structures are of high professional standing, innovative both in implementation and in the operational / executive model.

Enhance your future with us!